palliser leather grades

Palliser Leather Grades

If you haven’t heard of Palliser before, then you are either from another country or live under a rock. Founded in 1944, this Canadian company makes quality leather and fabric upholstered furniture in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They offer furniture in leather-vinyl match, but Alford’s only sells all leather. Today, we will talk about Palliser leather grades, or categories.bridge and museum winnipeg


We posted an informational blog about leather not that long ago that explains in detail about types of leather and terminology. We won’t be going into detail about that here, but you’ll find it useful to reference that blog for a better understanding. Check out the Leather Lingo blog from Palliser as well for a handy glossary of terms.

Grades or Categories

Palliser, like other furniture companies, has a variety of grades, or categories, of leather that they use. Every company uses a different system, but they are generally quite similar. Palliser leather grades are from 1000 – 6000, with the lower number generally having the most protection and a lower price, and the higher grades being more natural, having a softer feel, and a little higher cost.

Protected Leathers

The following leathers are versatile, with a pigmented finish coat that serves as a barrier to spills, stain, and fading – ideal for high traffic areas — however, these leathers are not stain resistant. These leathers offer consistent colour from hide to hide.

Grade 1000, Tulsa II

Palliser’s starting grade, Tulsa II, is a pigmented leather available in fourteen colours. Tulsa II has a smooth grain, a consistent look, and is protected. This is a great leather for families as it is more stain resistant and child and pet friendly.

Grade 1500, Dazzle

This grade is one of the most colourful Palliser leathers. The Dazzle line is a semi-aniline leather that features colours with names like Blush, Peacock, and Cayenne.

palliser leather grades dazzle

Palliser Dazzle Leather Colours

Grade 2000, Classic

Classic is a semi-aniline leather with a sauvage colouring (two-tone look). It is family friendly and has a smooth finish. You’ll find classic colours like Hunter Green and Burgandy in this line.

Grade 2500, Venice (split grain)

Described as a thick and sumptuous leather with a matte finish, Venice is a semi-aniline leather that is family friendly.

Grade 3000, Broadway, Bronco, and Carnival

Palliser has 3 styles in the 3000 category. Broadway is one of the most popular leathers and has a matte finish with a pebble grain to it. Bronco is a top grain leather with a hint of rustic charm with its two-tone look. Carnival is uniform in colour and has a subtle grain.

palliser leather grades broadway

Broadway Granite, a top seller

Natural Leathers

Palliser leather grades also come in natural leathers. Natural leathers are the highest quality of leather. They are the softest and most supple, and often have character marks such a scars, stretch marks, brands or subtle shading variations. Over time, these leathers develop a beautiful patina, but they are not stain resistant.

Grade 4000, Dallas, Fireside, Mystic, Venice (top grain)

Dallas is soft to the touch and has a textured appearance and warm colour. The natural markings and wax finish of the Fireside leather makes it a distinguished top grain leather. Fireside is perfect for a rustic look, and the character will change over time. Mystic comes in 6 natural tones, and has a smooth, great hand and low sheen. The top grain Venice comes in the same colours as the split grain Venice above.

palliser leather grades fireside

Fireside Maple, a waxed finish

Grade 6000, Alfresco, Allegro

Alfresco is buttery soft and has a great two-tone finish, and comes in 6 colours. Allegro is a heavyweight, top grain leather that gets better over time.

What Palliser Leather Grades should I choose?

Think about your home life and determine what kind of activity the furniture piece will see. Is it a casual room for watching TV and playing with the kids? It’s a good idea to stick with a protected leather. If it’s a reading chair in a quiet area of the house, a natural leather may be a great choice! You’ll need to consider your personal preferences as well. A natural leather will have markings like wrinkles, bug bites, and possibly marks from branding. This type of leather will also change over time and develop a patina. If all of these qualities do not appeal to you, then choose a protected leather.

Whatever you decide, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re an Alford’s customer. From the moment you step in our doors, to well after we deliver your furniture, our professional and knowledgeable staff are here to serve!