4 Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Warm & Welcoming

With the college school year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how your son or daughter will decorate their dorm. This is the first time that they will have free reign over what goes in their dorm room, so it’s important for them to make it feel like home.

More times than not, colleges do not allow you to paint the walls, and most often the walls are made of white cement blocks. In these rooms, it’s especially important to make their room feel warm and welcome. While your son or daughter will want to decorate on their own, we have 4 great ideas that you can subtly hint at when they go back to school shopping, with you or with their friends!

4 Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Warm & Welcoming

1) Add Curtains in a Fun Pattern

Since you most likely won’t be able to paint the walls, it’s important to bring color to the walls, which can be done with curtains, while also allowing your son or daughter to sleep in when their schedule allows. Choose curtains that will not only add character to their space, but will also showcase their personality.

2) Add an Area Rug

Dorm room floors are often cold, hard and dreary, so add a bit of softness and color by adding an area rug to their space!

3) It’s All About Storage

Most dorm rooms are on the smaller side so storage space can often be limited. Consider adding fun shelving units that can be stacked upwards to hold books, devices, and other items. Storage units and bins are offered in an assortment of fun colors, so choose the color or colors that best represent your son or daughter!

4) Add Decorative Touches

What better way to make a dorm room feel like home than adding personal touches and pretty decorative pieces to the space? Throw pillows, flowers and decorative blankets all add a bit of character to their space, making it feel like home away from home.

What are your favorite décor tips to make a dorm room feel like home?

The Joys of Summer Grilling

What does summer mean to you? It can be weekends spent at the beach and evenings spent chatting on a deck decorated with simple white lights. For some it means spending hours outside every day with your children, watching them make summer memories, and for others it’s spending weekend afternoons grilling with their closest friends.

When it comes to grilling, what’s your favorite food? Is it a juicy cheeseburger, a hot dog loaded with ketchup and relish, or is it ribs and grilled corn on the cob? Maybe you prefer marinated chicken or a perfectly grilled piece of fresh caught salmon.

Now until August 9th, in 100 words or less, if you tell us what your favorite food to cook on the grill is, you will be entered into a random drawing to win a gift basket from us that is filled to the brim with BBQ sauce and seasonings, grill tools, an Omaha Steaks gift card and much more!

So go ahead & enter, and if you win, hopefully grilling will get even more exciting for you this summer! Make sure to visit our Enter to Win tab on our Facebook page to enter.

Why Shopping Local Is So Important

When it comes to buying a product or an experience, it’s all about getting the best value and deal for your dollar. You want to make sure that your money is going to be spent on a product that can stand the test of time, comes from a reliable company, and provides you with great value.

When you shop with us at Alford’s Floors & Interiors, we make sure that you receive a quality flooring product that will not only be practical for your room requirements, but also practical in pricing. Whether your budget is on the lower or higher end, we offer quality floors from quality brands that can meet your budget.

Not only will purchasing flooring from us increase your property value, but keeping your money in your local businesses increases the value of your property as well, as an active shopping area in your town is an attractive advantage when it comes time to sell.

Local businesses provide value to our community as we in turn support other local businesses through the use of accountants, advertising agencies, contractors and also builders. The money you spend while shopping local helps our town support our police and fire departments, schools and our roadways, giving us not only a safe place to live, but a town that we are proud to call our own.

By supporting us, we are in turn supporting you, providing everyone around us a happy and prosperous community.

For more information, visit our store today at 1601 4th Ave, in Regina.

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How to Have the Best Relationship with Your Hardwood Floors

It is all fun and games during the summer months until the dreaded humidity strikes. Often, families stay inside their air-conditioned homes or go on day trips to indoor facilities to escape the dry air and seek relief. Not only does humidity affect us, but it also affects those households with hardwood flooring.

We all want the perfect floor for our home. You want a floor that can handle heavy foot traffic on the busiest of days, a floor that is strong enough to handle the hardest of falls, and a floor that is built for a long-term commitment. You want your floors to increase the value of your property, and hardwood does just that.

Hardwood brings warmth and beauty to your home, is easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly, hardwood is often offered in a variety of styles, stains and colors to fit your style.

While there are many perks to choosing hardwood, these floors do run into a little bit of trouble when humidity strikes. Moisture, which is a direct result from the humidity, causes hardwood floors to warp and buckle, and an increase in humidity is also an increase in your problems.

To prevent any warping in your beautiful flooring, make sure to keep the humidity levels low by running the air conditioner, as this will not only keep your home cool, but it will also pull the moisture out of your floors, leaving both you and your hardwood floors happy.

For more information on hardwood flooring: http://www.flooringcanada.ca/hardwood-guide

4 Hot Summer Design Tips

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your interiors for the upcoming season of sunshine! If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry, we have the 4 hottest tips for transforming your home for summer.

#1 Bring the Ocean Inside

Go coastal and incorporate beach colors such as sandy tan, sky blue or bright corals to your space. Do this through the use of accent pieces such as throw pillows or clear vases to bring the beach atmosphere inside without the sandy floors.

Innovia Touch in Lady Mountainview

#2 Make Your Room Pop

Choose one color that represents summer to you and incorporate it by adding a few pieces to your room. We love the energy that yellow brings, so a throw pillow or curtains adds instant brightness to your space.

Innovia Touch in Time and Again

#3 Don’t Underestimate Neutrals

For good reason too! A neutral-based room is perfect for those owners that like to change décor with each season. Even better, neutrals remind us of summers at the beach, so bring in a bright blue to bring ultimate relaxation inside.

Purstone in Emperador Travertine Fawn

#4 Design with Flowers

The simple touch of fresh flowers is enough to make your room more welcoming. Flowers bring a beautiful pop of color to your room, along with a fresh scent!

Floorcraft in Millwood Way

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What’s Waterproof, Pet Proof & Spill Proof?

Whether you have animals that run circles outside and then come inside to run laps around your tables, to kids coming from the park to the dinner table, there are bound to be stains, spills and dirty paw prints on your floors and furniture. While we might not be able to help you with those dirty furniture stains, we have your floors covered when it comes to dropped cups, rain-soaked dogs and curious toddlers.

Our Tigressá® H2O™ carpet is not only approved for pet friendly households, but the softer, stronger carpet is also waterproof and kid proof. If little Joey gets bumped by your dog chasing your cat and his cup of grape juice tumbles to the floor, our Tigressá® H2O™ will repel the spill, making for easy, hassle free clean up.

Tigressá® carpets offer a smooth softness with high-performance durability, making this the ideal carpeting for a busy household. You want a carpet that will cushion a toddler’s fall as she’s learning to walk, and a carpet that will withstand a group of boys engaging in a friendly wrestling match.

Stop by today to see how we can make your home spill, kid and pet friendly!

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